NCAN can offer a training session for up to 12 people covering the following: 

  • Background to NCAN and CRS 
  • Other CRS users – who does what and how to access and update the database
  • The 4-Tier model of Advice & Advocacy
  • How to use the CRS
  • Making optimum use of the system and analysing current referral traffic 
  • User protocols 
  • Individual user responsibilities 
  • Organisational lead responsibilities

We encourage organisations to set up an in-house trainer to cascade this training to colleagues, and we will provide support and resources for this role. 

As well as the basic training, we can include an additional session looking at 'The Client Journey', which will provide resources and an overview of best practice on: 

  • Diagnosis and assessment
  • Different levels of information
  • Financial and legal capability
  • Referral and signposting
  • Information gathering
We can also set up remote training sessions for up to 6 people. This would involve a conference phone call, with participants logging-in to view an online training screen. 

If you would like to arrange a training session, please fill in and return the programme options sheet, or contact us to talk through your requirements.