Norwich City Council’s Customer Contact Centre Changes

Norwich City Council’s  new-look customer centre is being designed to reflect the way customers choose to interact with the council and many other organisations – online and, wherever possible, via self-service. When the new centre opens in the autumn, the current drop-in arrangement will be replaced by tools for self-service and an appointment system for necessary face to face contact. 

Adapting the centre to support self-service will improve efficiency for customers, while allowing officers to spend time with those who need support or have complex cases. The centre’s free Wi-Fi and digital solutions will also help any residents transitioning to Universal Credit, which can only be claimed online. 

Vulnerable clients and non-English speakers will be supported to make appointments and continue to receive a tailored service at City Hall throughout the refurbishment and after its completion. 

Work will be taking place to achieve these changes from the 29th May 2018 throughout the summer with the new-look Customer Centre opening in September. 

For further up-dates on accessing services please go to the Norwich City Council website at

Publication Date: 03.05.2018